The Sammy Shuffle: part 11

Just Ask Me!

Disabled, walks with crutches… Often, that’s the only thing people see, the thing that in certain situations takes front and centre in terms of determining people’s perception of and reaction to me.

And it drives me nuts.

People can be well-intentioned, hostile and everything in between; but would it kill you to think outside the box? Take a step back and ask a question? Consider me as a human being and an individual, before drawing any conclusions?

The other day, I walked to the coffee shop down the street, and stopped at the park on the way back to enjoy lunch with a co-worker. All in all, I walked maybe a total of 10 level city blocks.

The next day: “So, Sam, how are your legs feeling today, after all that walking yesterday?”

I love you guys, but seriously?! I’m fine! I walk everywhere, everyday! I’m young, healthy and happy and a few blocks isn’t going to break me.

Times like these, I just want to shout to the world, “This is my story… This is what I can do… JUST ASK ME!”

I’ve hiked kilometres into the backcountry, tented in all sorts of places in all sorts of weather, lived in a snow cave; I’ve paddled dragon boats, kayaks and outrigger canoes; I’ve trained two wonderful canine companions; I run, I swim, I ride horses; I play fiddle and cello and sing; I love stories, books, music and film; I’ll eat everything, try anything and if there’s something you think I can’t do, be ready, because I don’t give up easy and I’m not afraid to get creative or ask for help.

Let me tell you about myself (Yes, I do have very strong arms… 🙂 ), my crutches (fabulous),  my family (amazing), and my passions (many).