OK. So, maybe this is considered poetry? I don’t know. To be honest, I write like this when traditional sentences just don’t work out, when the raw form is easiest and simplest.

Lately, things have been hitting me with greater intensity. I laugh more, read more, sleep better. I say “Yes, definitely”, and “No, definitely not,” more. Life is good. And my self awareness, and all my senses seem to be in overdrive. Anyway, there you have it. This is a collage of things I’ve noticed over the past little while.

Life is good 🙂


I can feel the ground beneath my feet,
the sun on my face.
The wind whispers down my arms
and my wild hair tickles my nose.

The watch is the distinguishing feature on my left,
the cuts and nicks on my right;
they anchor me in more ways than one, my hands.
I feel the weight of the carbon fibre tubing, the newness of the cork.
My hands are dripping, sliding.

It’s an oven,
this most uncharacteristic of weather phenomenons.
Heat wave.
Water may be
running scarce, but it sizzles and pours out of us, out of me.

I turn inwards.
I want to connect so much it hurts.
Everything hums. My heart beats.
Deep breath: smell the ocean, the clean air,
the exhaust, the refuse and the guy with too much cologne.

The sun is too bright,
the road is too hot.
The bus:
kneeling and flapping and beeping and roaring, is too loud
The air is too thick.
The people are too close, too harsh, too slow.

The peaches are soft, vibrant and fuzzed.
The yogurt is tangy and pleasantly cool.
The apple crunches with the most excellent sound.
Peanut butter sticks to the top of my mouth.

Ice water.
The glass touches my lips and arctic H 2 0
flows through my veins.
Flat on my back for meditation, fetal for films.
The raging fades.
I am whole again. Nearly.

Thank you for my place, my own, my home.
Thank you for my power and grace.
Thank you for laughter and superb sustenance.
Thank you for the written word.
Thank you for fine music and all else that feeds my soul.



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