Please, please, please!

Twinkie bounces, wiggles and sneezes uncontrollably when he is really excited or wants something desperately. The comedy of this is hard to get across on paper, but in person it is almost impossible to keep a straight face – unless you’re my sister.

Following the “Where’s Sami?” episode, Twink is still patrolling the kitchen, Rube is still eating breakfast, and Mom and I are still in the living room.

Click, click, click, click,…Mmreeet. Harrumph. Cha, cha. Mmmreeeeeeet. Eeet. Aachoo! Aachoo! Aah aah choo! Click, click. Cha, harrumph. Cha. Mmmreeeeeeet!

Twinkie has planted himself behind Ruby’s chair. Sitting to standing and back again, his nails click on the hardwood as he steps impatiently in place. He whines, chuffs and harrumps for all he is worth, until he is overcome with sneezing and must restart.

“Love me, please! I need someone to love me. I am a dog all alone in this world. Oh, please. Please, please, please!”

“What?!” Rube barks, turning from her breakfast to give him the evil eye, as Mom and I look on, laughing. She is immune to his pleas. Stoney-faced, she turns back to finish her meal. Plan A having failed, Twink is on to Plan B: playing the “I’m the cutest most quietest, most devoted doggy with the best puppy-dog eyes, won’t you please pet me now” card.

It works. Rube has finished breakfast. She turns once again to see Twinkie gazing hopefully into her eyes, and caves 🙂


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