That’s Random (2)

My friend Sarah’s birthday was last week, and I was invited back to the Coast for a birthday lunch.

I got up early, packed a lunch and headed out the door. I had nothing planned, aside from catching the ferry, staying over and going to the birthday lunch the following day.

Trouble is, I can wing it. And I do. But public transit is not nearly so flexible. As a result, the transit traveller either has to plan to the last detail or be alright with extreme schedule flexibility and variability.

I chose the later. I missed the transfer to the bus to the ferry by 2 minutes. The connecting ferry was 20 minutes late, so I caught the next bus, only to arrive as the boat was just leaving the terminal.

So, I sat and read my book, ate my sandwich and listened to my music for the next 2.5 hours as the ferries played catchup. And then I read for another 40 minutes during the crossing.

Normally, if I plan it, the time it takes me to get from Sami Central to the Riesco Residence is 3 hours of buses and boats. The unplanned, traffic plagued version I found out takes 5 hours 🙂

I read half my monster book, and listened to my Top Tunes playlist twice. It was good. I really enjoyed myself. I’d get there eventually, and this time, that was good enough for me.

I went for a hike around Soames Hill with Mom, Ruby and Twink right off the ferry, and then caught a lift to Sechelt with Ruby and Forrest.

We stopped home briefly to drop Mom off and pick Forrest up. I decided to wait in the car.

“I’ll be right back,” Rube says. Fifteen minutes later, she reappears, carrying enough food for a small army, a book and a playlist primed for our 20 minute trip up the coast. I laugh, and Rube grins.

“I had to get food. We’re going on a road trip… Here, hold this.”

Forrest throws his bike in the back of the pickup, and we’re off, Peruvian dance numbers at full volume, apples and tortilla chips crunching.

This is what I love: hikes on familiar trails, mini road trips with my sibs and being on “Coast time.” 🙂