OK. So, maybe this is considered poetry? I don't know. To be honest, I write like this when traditional sentences just don't work out, when the raw form is easiest and simplest. Lately, things have been hitting me with greater intensity. I laugh more, read more, sleep better. I say "Yes, definitely", and "No, definitely... Continue Reading →


Down time

It's summer, it's after 5 on a Wednesday, and I am victorious! The past little while, it's been go, go, go -and I'm about ready to turn everything off, and have some down time to myself, without having to be anywhere or do anything or talk to anyone or worry or work or eat or... Continue Reading →

Please, please, please!

Twinkie bounces, wiggles and sneezes uncontrollably when he is really excited or wants something desperately. The comedy of this is hard to get across on paper, but in person it is almost impossible to keep a straight face - unless you're my sister. Following the "Where's Sami?" episode, Twink is still patrolling the kitchen, Rube is... Continue Reading →


I'm not really a fan of surprises. Unless someone shows up at my door with dinner 🙂 My dog is not a fan of surprises either. Offer one up, and he will respond with some rather alarming and sometimes hilarious displays of either fight, flight or freeze. I was home on Malaview. I had stayed... Continue Reading →


Hi guys, This is a note for you. My posts are not necessarily in order. Some material I write and post in the moment, while other bits I write and save for later. I like to have fun, both writing and living life in general 🙂 We all have good days and bad days. I... Continue Reading →

That’s Random (2)

My friend Sarah's birthday was last week, and I was invited back to the Coast for a birthday lunch. I got up early, packed a lunch and headed out the door. I had nothing planned, aside from catching the ferry, staying over and going to the birthday lunch the following day. Trouble is, I can wing... Continue Reading →

It can wait

Right now It's me Headphones Feeling my muscles and mind relax Singing softly At the ceiling Seeking Warmth Softness Solidness Faith Mental Heath Illness First Aid Self-care Friendship Tea Light Smiles Sleep In the simple disarray that can wait Until tomorrow It can wait

That’s Random (1)

Black Vans, City Nights and a Game: I remember waiting for the bus on the side of the road at night, watching the rain fall and the headlights cruise and the buildings shimmer in the distance over the water. I revel in that solitude. That hush, that moment that I have completely to myself. It's... Continue Reading →

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