My Dogs: part 3

Kita was a German Hovawart- based on my own research, (or a standard large-breed mutt if you prefer). I spent every day with her for a decade. We had a lot of issues to work through, but we also had a lot of time, and a lot of help to do it.

Twinkie is a (best guess) Maltese-JRT-Westy mix. He is small, wiry and tenacious. I see him now only a few times a year for cuddles and a haircut. He is smart and has great potential, but maintaining his skills is difficult when the responsibility is split between two different households and sets of expectations.

It may be surprising to note that although Kita was the “problem dog”, Twinkie is/has turned out to be a lot more work. They are two very different dogs, raised under very different circumstances- and I love them both so very much.


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