My Dogs: part 2


Twinkie is an entirely different ball of wax.

Twinkie, I picture as the loner, the aloof “I’m too cool” type who is by turns, and sometimes both, a softy and tough as nails, with a mind and body in constant motion. He is also a total goofball, the only thing he takes seriously being a trip to the vet.

While Kita balanced the situation, Twinkie feeds off of it. If I am angry, happy or sad or rolling on the floor laughing, he will join me. If I screw up, he will tell me in no uncertain terms. And while I need to establish a routine, I also need to make sure that that routine is varied and interesting, and that it is calmly orchestrated –or else I am short a dog.

Twinkie- or Mr.T for short :)
Twinkie- or Mr.T for short 🙂