My Dogs: part 1


Kita, as I’ve mentioned before, was a “problem dog.” She picked fights with other dogs, scavenged and generally stirred up trouble. She was street-wise and head-shy, and she loved her belly rubs.

Over the years, her and I formed a solid partnership. We worked through her issues, I learned a lot about dog behaviour and training, and we practiced the basics, the fun stuff and the belly rubs everyday. EVERY DAY.

And this beautiful girl came through. She was strong, and smart and loyal and funny. She loved to work and learn new things. We understood each other, and took care of each other.

I could lean on Kita for emotional support, I could screw up and try again, and she would let me. She would learn the drills, and follow them. She was my heart dog.

I have no problem characterizing Kita as the mature, worldly type, with a troubled past and bright future. She took everything in stride, was a natural at reading dogs, people and situations, and worked to keep everyone focused and calm.

Kita (1996-2009)
Kita (1996-2009)