Mid-May Musing (1)


It’s a long weekend. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I am overwhelmed, and feel so out of the loop. This is both good and bad.

I am overwhelmed by people’s support and encouragement, love and selflessness, but also by their cowardice and ignorance, immaturity, and unprofessional conduct.

I actually like being by myself, being disconnected, having the ability to just exist in my own pleasant little bubble. It gives me time to think, and read and write and relax- to figure stuff out. On the other hand, sometimes I wish desperately that I could be instantly back in the loop, without so many hoops to jump through. There are oh so many middle men and muddle ups and must-have’s in this world today. I wish things could be less complicated.

For instance, right now, the item at the top of my “to do” list is: get my various devices up to date and working together… I am committed to getting this done. ASAP. I want all my ducks in a row by mid June at the latest. However, there are a lot of pieces, and people in this puzzle -and I don’t have all the answers or the control, which means the process is quite convoluted and not progressing nearly as fast as I would like. And I can’t do anything about it until TUESDAY.

Still, on the upside, I have the entire weekend to myself. Big picture stuff can wait until Tuesday. Small picture stuff starts today 🙂