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I’m feeling very cluttered today. All my thoughts are fuzzy. Going with the flow is not happening for me today; there is no going, and there’s no flow 🙂

So. Writing helps.

I need printer paper and bananas. I need to do dishes and probably laundry, too. And some tea would be nice.

I guess I should get started 🙂


Rolling Comfort

Now, it has been a very, very long time since I feel like I’ve been able to say that I’m on a roll for more than an hour or two at a time. But for the past 2 weeks, I’ve been rolling.

  • I went to Grandma’s for ice-cream.
  • I found some really great shoes and a hidden stash of chocolate.
  • My Stix got some TLC: new grips and tips, which really make a difference.
  • I solved a few technical issues. Did some yoga! Played some music!
  • I had a productive and fun day at work.
  • I’ve stocked my fridge AND cleaned all my laundry!
  • My dog is happy!
  • My building is going green!
  • I had a great visit with Mom- and pizza on the patio.

AND…today is Friday! I’ve had a great day, a great dinner, and don’t have to do anything but enjoy myself for the entire weekend 😀

My Dogs: part 3

Kita was a German Hovawart- based on my own research, (or a standard large-breed mutt if you prefer). I spent every day with her for a decade. We had a lot of issues to work through, but we also had a lot of time, and a lot of help to do it.

Twinkie is a (best guess) Maltese-JRT-Westy mix. He is small, wiry and tenacious. I see him now only a few times a year for cuddles and a haircut. He is smart and has great potential, but maintaining his skills is difficult when the responsibility is split between two different households and sets of expectations.

It may be surprising to note that although Kita was the “problem dog”, Twinkie is/has turned out to be a lot more work. They are two very different dogs, raised under very different circumstances- and I love them both so very much.

My Dogs: part 2


Twinkie is an entirely different ball of wax.

Twinkie, I picture as the loner, the aloof “I’m too cool” type who is by turns, and sometimes both, a softy and tough as nails, with a mind and body in constant motion. He is also a total goofball, the only thing he takes seriously being a trip to the vet.

While Kita balanced the situation, Twinkie feeds off of it. If I am angry, happy or sad or rolling on the floor laughing, he will join me. If I screw up, he will tell me in no uncertain terms. And while I need to establish a routine, I also need to make sure that that routine is varied and interesting, and that it is calmly orchestrated –or else I am short a dog.

Twinkie- or Mr.T for short :)
Twinkie- or Mr.T for short 🙂

My Dogs: part 1


Kita, as I’ve mentioned before, was a “problem dog.” She picked fights with other dogs, scavenged and generally stirred up trouble. She was street-wise and head-shy, and she loved her belly rubs.

Over the years, her and I formed a solid partnership. We worked through her issues, I learned a lot about dog behaviour and training, and we practiced the basics, the fun stuff and the belly rubs everyday. EVERY DAY.

And this beautiful girl came through. She was strong, and smart and loyal and funny. She loved to work and learn new things. We understood each other, and took care of each other.

I could lean on Kita for emotional support, I could screw up and try again, and she would let me. She would learn the drills, and follow them. She was my heart dog.

I have no problem characterizing Kita as the mature, worldly type, with a troubled past and bright future. She took everything in stride, was a natural at reading dogs, people and situations, and worked to keep everyone focused and calm.

Kita (1996-2009)
Kita (1996-2009)

Mid-May Musing (3)

So, I’ve the entire looong weekend to myself. I have a plan for Tuesday. I love soup. I’ve done lots of thinking and reading and writing. What’s next?

Well, today happens to be National Fiddle Day in Canada. And I just happen to be inspired to pick up my fiddle, with my fresh-cut fingernails, brand-new tuner and no other urgent business to attend to (until Tuesday 🙂 ).

And, I want to get comfy on the couch with a book and/or bowl of popcorn and watch a movie/tv, followed by a sound sleep in my very own bed 🙂

That’s all!

(Photo credit: Pixabay)

Mid-May Musing (2)

Today, I’ve done a lot of reading, a lot of writing and a lot of thinking.

I’m in my own little bubble, and I like it 🙂

I’ve also rediscovered how amazing soup is these past few days. It’s been just…FABULOUS! Seriously. I love food.

Soup is the best. Ichiban with or without any additions has on numerous occasions been a lifesaver. And for the past two days I’ve made myself some delicious bowls of mushroom soup and tomato soup. It’s so easy, and so, so good. You open the can, you chop some fresh veggies, add some herbs and spices, heat’er up and voila! Delicious and nutritious perfection.

Plus, you can always add a fresh green salad, crackers, bread or biscuits on the side– cheese scones, OMG 🙂

Mid-May Musing (1)


It’s a long weekend. I don’t know how I feel about that.

I am overwhelmed, and feel so out of the loop. This is both good and bad.

I am overwhelmed by people’s support and encouragement, love and selflessness, but also by their cowardice and ignorance, immaturity, and unprofessional conduct.

I actually like being by myself, being disconnected, having the ability to just exist in my own pleasant little bubble. It gives me time to think, and read and write and relax- to figure stuff out. On the other hand, sometimes I wish desperately that I could be instantly back in the loop, without so many hoops to jump through. There are oh so many middle men and muddle ups and must-have’s in this world today. I wish things could be less complicated.

For instance, right now, the item at the top of my “to do” list is: get my various devices up to date and working together… I am committed to getting this done. ASAP. I want all my ducks in a row by mid June at the latest. However, there are a lot of pieces, and people in this puzzle -and I don’t have all the answers or the control, which means the process is quite convoluted and not progressing nearly as fast as I would like. And I can’t do anything about it until TUESDAY.

Still, on the upside, I have the entire weekend to myself. Big picture stuff can wait until Tuesday. Small picture stuff starts today 🙂