Heart strings

For several weeks, things were just too much, and/or too ugly to write about here. I’ve now had time to process most of it. These are my thoughts on the recent events.

Twinkie (April 2015)
Twinkie (April 2015)

I miss my dog. I miss him so much!

I miss the familiarity of good friends reconnecting, solid hugs and easy conversations. Thank you, Marc D 🙂

I am thankful for the rain, the quiet, the long days of constructive solitude. It pleases me to know that good still exists, that I can still laugh.

I make dinner, a feast. Singing in the kitchen, it’s comfy-cozy. The knife slices effortlessly through the tomato- and cleanly through the skin at the tip of my wayward finger.

What next? I laugh, because I am relieved. The universe hasn’t been completely turned on it’s head, and here’s the proof: I have food for dinner, and I am happy; knives are still sharp, they still cut, I still bleed red. My tomato slices are beautiful and the bandaid in the cutlery drawer is just the right size. Life goes on!


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