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I am so totally STOKED for summer– relaxing, getting all of my ducks in a row, swimming, beaches and ice cream. School is out, hooray!

I’ve already managed to get some solid family time in, find some fun new art for my bare walls, empty my 3 binders of everything school related– I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to do recycling :D, catch up on some reading and tv watching, and just really BREATHE!

I’ve big plans for this summer, big plans. Seriously.

But, for right now, the biggest they are going to get is… popcorn and a movie.




Heart strings

For several weeks, things were just too much, and/or too ugly to write about here. I’ve now had time to process most of it. These are my thoughts on the recent events.

Twinkie (April 2015)
Twinkie (April 2015)

I miss my dog. I miss him so much!

I miss the familiarity of good friends reconnecting, solid hugs and easy conversations. Thank you, Marc D 🙂

I am thankful for the rain, the quiet, the long days of constructive solitude. It pleases me to know that good still exists, that I can still laugh.

I make dinner, a feast. Singing in the kitchen, it’s comfy-cozy. The knife slices effortlessly through the tomato- and cleanly through the skin at the tip of my wayward finger.

What next? I laugh, because I am relieved. The universe hasn’t been completely turned on it’s head, and here’s the proof: I have food for dinner, and I am happy; knives are still sharp, they still cut, I still bleed red. My tomato slices are beautiful and the bandaid in the cutlery drawer is just the right size. Life goes on!


Picture 1
–from WILD SEEDS. Click to enlarge/read.

I was riding the bus home from school the other day. And I kept thinking what an enjoyable evening it was, just to be sitting there, bundled warmly in the front seat, looking out the window at the rainy dusk and muted streetlights flashing by, listening to music and observing the uniqueness of my fellow transit travelers, appreciating the quiet at the end of the day.

How poetic an evening, I thought. Resting my head back against the window, I surveyed the various posters lining the interior band below the ceiling. Maybe I’m the only one, maybe not, but I really enjoy reading these snippets. Especially, Poetry in Transit. Here’s one that stayed with me long enough that I remembered to look it up when I got home. It is a beautiful, striking piece of writing.

Homestretch (1)

6 days and counting, until my summer can officially begin!

I’m momentarily paralysed with all the things I need and want to accomplish in the next 24hrs: laundry, groceries, sister time, free time, lunch time, dinner time, study time…

So, I’m pressing the reset button. I need to relax for 20 minutes with some good music in the sunshine. Then I will tackle my house, my sister and my homework, and hope that everything else falls into place.

Wish me luck 😀


I am learning how to say Yes

Yes, I want that

  • Yes, I can
  • Yes, I will
  • Yes (right now)

And… I am learning to say No

  • No, I don’t want that
  • No, I won’t
  • No (That’s not my problem to solve – moving on)

Do you have any idea how hard that is? Really pushing yourself to live life on your own terms?


Basics are tricky. They are ridiculously simple, while at the same time, incongruously difficult to master. And all basics are at the beginning of a process destined to be further refined and developed over time.

Take dragon boating for example:

At the start of the race, all 22 of us have to count aloud ten strokes together. This focuses the group and causes the boat to explode off the start-line, putting us in a good position for the rest of the race.

Everybody on the team knows how to paddle, everybody knows how to count to ten, but it takes several tries before we can complete this seemingly simple exercise successfully (as a routine practice drill).