I am so totally STOKED for summer-- relaxing, getting all of my ducks in a row, swimming, beaches and ice cream. School is out, hooray! I've already managed to get some solid family time in, find some fun new art for my bare walls, empty my 3 binders of everything school related-- I don't think I've... Continue Reading →


Heart strings

For several weeks, things were just too much, and/or too ugly to write about here. I've now had time to process most of it. These are my thoughts on the recent events.I miss my dog. I miss him so much!I miss the familiarity of good friends reconnecting, solid hugs and easy conversations. Thank you, Marc D... Continue Reading →


I was riding the bus home from school the other day. And I kept thinking what an enjoyable evening it was, just to be sitting there, bundled warmly in the front seat, looking out the window at the rainy dusk and muted streetlights flashing by, listening to music and observing the uniqueness of my fellow... Continue Reading →

Homestretch (1)

6 days and counting, until my summer can officially begin! I'm momentarily paralysed with all the things I need and want to accomplish in the next 24hrs: laundry, groceries, sister time, free time, lunch time, dinner time, study time... So, I'm pressing the reset button. I need to relax for 20 minutes with some good... Continue Reading →


I am learning how to say Yes Yes, I want that Yes, I can Yes, I will Yes (right now) And... I am learning to say No No, I don't want that No, I won't No (That's not my problem to solve - moving on) Do you have any idea how hard that is? Really pushing... Continue Reading →

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