The Sammy Shuffle: part 10

Breaking Point:

“Nothing is simple. Nothing is straight forward. They don’t make it easy.”

It’s been a tough few weeks in Sam’s Self Advocacy Saga.

It has been left up to me to be the responsible adult in the ongoing negotiations between myself and the other parties involved. It’s ugly, and for now, I’ll just leave it at that.

While all of this is incredibly stressful and the circumstances are infuriating, thankfully I have people on my side, to support me and share the load. Mostly, it’s my mom who is keeping me sane, who has been there from day one and understands what it’s all about. She makes the calls and talks to the bigwigs when I can’t.

I came home to a message yesterday. Here’s an excerpt:

“Hi Sam, it’s Mom. I’m just making dinner, so I thought I’d talk to you for a minute if you’re around. I talked to Ms. Smith. I tried to stay calm, but I raised my voice a tiny bit, not too bad. You can ask the kids- they could hear me from upstairs. But not too bad…And Ms. Smith said, ‘Now don’t make this personal.’ And I said, ‘Well, you know what? It is personal. It’s my daughter.’ …Anyways, those are some of the things I said…”

I had to laugh, because every time I ask Mom to act on my behalf, I say, “Could you do this for me? And I know it’s hard, but please be nice.”

And I could just see the discussion escalating into an argument, Mom trying to rein herself in on hearing that trigger phase so often uttered by unwitting opponents, “Don’t make this personal.”

Every interaction we participate in has an impact. If human beings (the real, ones with beating hearts) are a part of the equation in any way, shape or form, it’s going to get personal. And if you’re talking to a mother about her child? You better be ready! 🙂

Thanks Mom.