The Sunday Edition

This is it people:

I love the rain, and not just for the fact that without it, I am left sneezing like an idiot in this premature spring. It is so comforting. I love the water. To hear it pounding on the roof or flying around the washing machine, or running over the beach or past the boat or over the stones or down my skin.

I had an amazing weekend. I came to a decision, and thank goodness I have people who love me to back me up and draw strength for the journey ahead. I did dishes and laundry and hit the streets in the sunshine. I had breakfast in bed and immersed myself in a fantasy world. Snuggled in my sleeping bag, waiting for my sheets to dry, the days pass in bliss.

I needed this weekend. Everything fell into place- that doesn’t happen often enough, believe me. It was a weekend of self appreciation and indulgence and truths. Of authenticity. And it’s not over yet. I still have a lot to do. And I will.

My stomach grumbles and my eyes protest against the invasion of those smallest of particles and greatest of irritants. My skin is soft and warm, clean and bright with just a hint of the chill brought by the movement of cool moist air through the window. My phone blinks and the minutes march on as I sit here, typing these thoughts, and I can’t find a reason to rush, a reason to shake this quiet confidence.

And yet I must. Homework must be done and my stomach must be filled. These are the two inevitable facts of my life, which I can hide no longer 🙂 And I can’t argue that it’s time to get this show on the road.

Adios amigos.