Fingers Crossed!

Ok, so the past few days have been a blur. But it’s all good. I made it. And now… the WEEKEND! ūüėÄ

I finished work, went up the street and bought bread and a few dinner essentials, then came home and crashed- literally -on the couch with a toasted bagel and mug of hot chocolate.

I have so many things I am excited to do this weekend (fingers crossed that everything¬†works out). But right now all I can think about is finishing my pre-dinner snack, curling up on the couch watching “Bones” and falling almost instantaneously asleep.

You know how young children look when they are falling asleep on the car ride home after a long day? All soft, warm and heavy, with their heads nodding slowly, eyelids being pulled inexorably downward with exhaustion before they settle into a deep sleep, muscles relaxing, and they are lost to the world? That’s¬†exactly¬†how I feel right now.

I need to go put the rice on and take my shoes off and invest those 50 minutes in some self-rejuvenation.

Later, alligators…







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