Two posts in a day! Eeek! Sorry, but today wasn't the greatest. I am in a fog. And I just can't see anything clearly. Everything takes so much effort. I'm just not happy with the way things are going. I mean, so far, from an objective POV, things are going quite well really, I'm doing... Continue Reading →


The Sammy Shuffle: part 10

Breaking Point: "Nothing is simple. Nothing is straight forward. They don't make it easy." It's been a tough few weeks in Sam's Self Advocacy Saga. It has been left up to me to be the responsible adult in the ongoing negotiations between myself and the other parties involved. It's ugly, and for now, I'll just... Continue Reading →

Set up for Success

Find what works for you. Have a plan, a vision. Understand the process. Go for the win. For example, how does a girl on crutches (me) walk a 90lb rambunctious golden retriever down the street without landing on her face, when the able-bodied owner struggles to make it out the front door? I know the dog.... Continue Reading →

The Sunday Edition

This is it people: I love the rain, and not just for the fact that without it, I am left sneezing like an idiot in this premature spring. It is so comforting. I love the water. To hear it pounding on the roof or flying around the washing machine, or running over the beach or past... Continue Reading →

Fingers Crossed!

Ok, so the past few days have been a blur. But it's all good. I made it. And now... the WEEKEND! 😀 I finished work, went up the street and bought bread and a few dinner essentials, then came home and crashed- literally -on the couch with a toasted bagel and mug of hot chocolate.... Continue Reading →


Frustrated. Out of sync. I want answers. I want heat. I am incapsulated in a block of ice. Blue in the face. My mind is numb. There are no sparks anymore, no passions shared. Life is on a loop, though no one else seems to notice.

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