What a crazy week. Rube came home from Peru! Woohoo!!! 🙂 I had two major projects due. And I've been doing a lot of back and forth, (from school to work to home to Grandma's) with a pack that just keeps getting heavier. Everything feels like it's on fast forward, except there's still an excruciating... Continue Reading →


The Sammy Shuffle: part 9

Hidden Gems: So, I recently found a ten dollar bill while randomly riffling through my designated random-and-small-but-important-stuff container 🙂 Score! I was so excited I laughed and jumped up and down, and nearly fell over backwards. And I also happened across a few well written articles on the topic of disability, which I had saved... Continue Reading →

Weird & Wacky

Goodness gracious! My routine and my thinking have gone haywire these past few days. I need sleep. I need the weekend. And I need no interruptions! Ok? Thank you 🙂 TGIF. It's time for a movie. I will find peace! I will have order! This is not coming across very well. Or maybe it is? This is my inner dialogue, and in my... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shops:

I have recently come to the conclusion that I have a definite distaste for coffee shops. They are loud, so loud! The conversations, the music, the equipment all compete with each other. They are either big, glaring and impersonal spaces or so small as to be claustrophobic. Either way they are usually so full and... Continue Reading →

Old Guys:

#1. So, this was a while ago. But it still cracks me up. This elderly gentleman comes up to me one day. "What happened to you?" he asks. I answer good-naturedly. "Oh, don't worry, sweetheart," he tells me, "Someday you're going to find a man who will love you just the way you are-- even... Continue Reading →


I am really looking forward to Ruby coming home. My sister has this energy, sincerity and spontaneity that I have really missed these past few months while she's been away with Canada World Youth. Also, I've been feeling rather uncoordinated and uncomfortable these last few days; hoping to get back to coordinated and comfortable asap... Continue Reading →

The Little Things:

My house became a home in November 2013, and has grown over the past 15 months to be my greatest source of happiness. To be here, by myself, doing things in my own way and in my own time, to feel confident and safe brings an incredible sense of freedom and independence. singing in the... Continue Reading →

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