Home for the Holidays:

Christmas 2014 was a blur. And I have to admit, the anticipation nearly killed me. But finally, exams were done and work was finished and all my affairs were in order. I bolted out the door. I felt like one of those cartoon characters, with legs spinning and hair flying and eyes wide, running face first into the closed door before rebounding, opening the door, stepping outside, turning the lock and shooting off down the street to the bus stop to catch the bus by the skin of my teeth. I made it though, and was greeted at the end of my journey by first my mom and then my dog.

It was a busy week. I visited. I went shopping for gifts. I gave Twinkie a makeover. And I ate a lot of Christmas goodies 🙂 The tree was beautiful, probably the best we’ve ever had (though we say that pretty much every year, I think that perhaps this time it was true), and the living room so cozy.

Christmas Day was great. While Mom made waffles with all the fixings, Dad talked with Grandma over the phone, I devoured my new book, and Forrest sat in the corner grinning from ear to ear, listening to music with his new headphones (“I’m NEVER taking these off!”). It felt more than a little strange with just the four of us – I’m not too sure what Rube was up to down in Peru with Canada World Youth – but it was wonderful nonetheless.

“Soo… am I going to get to hear some music or what?” 🙂  Mom asked later that evening.

“Yeah, okay…,” Forrest and I pull out our fiddles and Dad grabs his guitar.

There is no sheet music. We play all the Christmas songs we can remember, Mom flipping through the songbook throwing out suggestions and singing along. Into the mix is thrown all the fiddle tunes we used to know: Growling Old Man, Simple Song, Jerusalem RidgeWhite Sails, Blue Sky… We had our own little Christmas ceilidh, and it was just perfect. 

Mom made turkey (again with all the fixings) for dinner, which was absolutely amazing. I’m pretty sure that would have been the only thing capable of pulling Forrest and I away from our instruments, mid-recollection of some melody preserved in some small recess of the mind, coming slowly back to life.

Mom: “Dinner!”

Me: “But we haven’t figured out the song yet!”

Forrest: “We’ve almost got it!”

Dad: “Sounds great guys, but you can finish it after dinner.”

We finished dinner, and returned to successfully resurrect two tunes: Suspenders of Hope and Walking in the Air. Pumpkin pie for dessert was followed by popcorn and a movie; Arthur Christmas, a hilarious new family favorite 🙂

Here’s hoping your Christmas was as wonderful as mine – and by the way, Happy New Year!