Crap. There are so many thoughts crashing around my head right now.

This- and the previous post is what escaped…

For starters I am working on the Shuffle series- and don’t ask me how that’s going, or how it works. Just know that it is and it does. I tried explaining my writing process– let’s just say it didn’t go over well 🙂 If you force it, it’s just not going to happen. Patience, my friend, is a virtue. And knowledge is power. So I wait, I gather knowledge. I put a plan in place. And then I execute and revise it.

There’s not much I know for certain, but I am certain I know how to read, and write, and do it well. The comment on my last term paper? “Where your paper needs some work is around paragraph construction.” Point taken, in fact, believe it or not, the point was taken before I ever handed it in. Two paragraphs. Two paragraphs. Those two paragraphs could have been 1. But there comes a point, friends, when even the perfectionists like myself are willing to let the minor imperfection slide. That point was 3am, after a month of research and a week of revision, on the last day of class before Christmas break, knowing that the argument was solid, well presented, and all the facts accounted for.

I had nailed that assignment. And I knew it. And so I laughed. And if you are laughing now, reading this blog and noticing that in fact some of the posts have paragraphs formatted in a somewhat unconventional manner, I take your point. But let me point out that adhering to the strange rules of english composition is not necessarily the point of my writing here. Here I allow myself to step out from between the lines, stretch, play, experiment, express, enjoy.

Adios amigos 🙂