Crap. There are so many thoughts crashing around my head right now. This- and the previous post is what escaped... For starters I am working on the Shuffle series- and don't ask me how that's going, or how it works. Just know that it is and it does. I tried explaining my writing process-- let's just... Continue Reading →



Are you worried? Worried about what? Going blind at 27... Hell no. I'm already there. The focus shifts in and out all the time. The lenses are shot, the old ones obsolete, irrelevant, a distorted past that does no good for the indiscernible future. All is not as it seems or was or will be. And... Continue Reading →

The Sammy Shuffle: part 1

Live Life Now: Yes, I do sometimes feel sad about having a disability. I really struggle sometimes with the proven fact that it takes me twice as long and least twice as much energy to do anything compared to an able bodied person. Especially writing exams- everyone else will be done in an hour and... Continue Reading →

The Sammy Shuffle: an introduction

Hi there! Lately I have been wondering if I should try writing more about disability, living with a disability, and advocacy/self advocacy. Because I realize that my perspective is unique, my situation is unique, and that really no one fully understands or considers the world from my point of view. And I realize that I... Continue Reading →

Up to my eye balls in stuff…

We've been good friends for more than ten years. Sometimes we are so out of sync, it's comical, with both of us going, "What?! Now hang on a second."  And sometimes we are so in sync it's creepy 🙂 Like today: I can't talk now, I'm making dinner (same here). And now I'm doing laundry, (no kidding :D... Continue Reading →


The wind howls. Rain rushes down the window panes and tires hiss on the roads outside. The keys click softly as I type. My fingers are clean and smooth and pink. It is a wonderful feeling, being clean. Not like days ago, when my finger nails on the left hand turned a mysterious blue...Don't ask me... Continue Reading →

Feeling messy

I'll be honest. Life sometimes gets messier than I would like. Now is one of those times. Off the top of my head, I kind of feel like I am on a treadmill and people are throwing veggies and insults at me. And I've been on the treadmill long enough. I have no more patience... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous combustion

Hey, I am so mad, and so frustrated and so scared I don't know what to do with myself (or others, for that matter). So as an alternative to spontaneous combustion, I am writing a very short, very angry blog entry. It has been a horribly rotten day. And now I am going to have dinner.

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