In the Dark

Umm, yeah... It is 430pm and DARK outside. Winter is coming, so is Christmas, so is Christmas break- and I have to say: I'm excited! This whole day I've been in the dark. Should I do this? Or that? What does this mean? Really?! Arrgh! LOL! However, the weekend is still mine if you remember,... Continue Reading →


Molasses on a Thursday

I'm moving through molasses. Everything seems sluggish and muted. The weekend is mine- and I plan on maximizing recovery time. Now though, the day must continue. More conversations, more activities. Next up, Crim 101- Corporate Crimes. Then, Sam and Jess eat Chinese and go to the movies; makes me smile just thinking about it. And... Continue Reading →

As if they know nothing

A General Plea: Common sense and common courtesy, professionalism and effective problem solving ability. Under the circumstances, it's not a lot to ask. But apparently it is still too much. How many times must I explain this? How many hoops must I jump through under threat of harsh penalty before you clap and grin, declaring, "Case closed!"?... Continue Reading →

3 Days Grace

Friday was good. Saturday was ok. Sunday was better. I am in the midst of a confounded spreadsheet. For the past few days my life has been on repeat. Re-wear, re-view, re-do, re-write, re-learn, re-think, re-watch, re-read re-heat... REPEAT! For example: I have been trying to finish a container of tomato sauce and a container... Continue Reading →

Just for fun

Random Sunday wordplay by Sam. Make of it what you will 🙂   Sunday My laptop ancient and loveable. Feeling fabulous in wretched lenses, biker gear and checked bottoms with a creative hem. Hair soft, framing face. Dark eyes: intent. Mug: steaming. Quiet mind, quiet day, quiet hour. Hey you! Smile! Just for fun. Laundry... Continue Reading →

Fall Back

Version 2.0 I love fall. Actually, come to think of it, if I had to pick one, fall would probably be my favorite season. I have nothing on my "Must Absolutely Be Done Today" list. And that is wonderful. Things have been crazy busy lately, and my head was spinning so fast that on more than... Continue Reading →

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