Both Sides: part 1

I know from experience, it is not something that you get to understand or worry about, until you have to, until you are catapulted into a brand new way of thinking, a new system, a new circle. When those things we take for granted are no longer there.

Love, support, advice, your health, your confidence, your ability to cope. Everything is fine- until it’s not. And then where do you go? What do you do? How do you find your way back home having been thrust into the middle of a vast, hostile and alien environment without any backup, no compass, no food, no water? Where everything you say to the locals gets lost in translation?

You have 3 choices: Fight, flight or freeze. Many freeze. Many flee. And too few fight to affect positive change. Humanity fades and the structure crumbles, and people fall terrifyingly fast, through the cracks.

I have visited this place before. And let me tell you, the culture shock was extreme. I froze, I tried to flee, I tried to fight. I fell through the cracks, but I was lucky, on my way down, I found some amazing allies and we climbed out again 🙂




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