Crest and Valley:

This is one of those “I just have to write it” posts- with a paddling theme.  And a throwback to the dog days of summer, when this was originally written. I think it gives a good snapshot of one of those worry yourself sick/I’m  so done with all of this crap, kind of moments, that we all have on occasion 🙂


I had to take a break from paddling recently. Things were getting too busy, and I was feeling I was reaching a point of burnout. As I mentioned before, training can get intense, and lately I just wasn’t interested. Though one of coach’s favorite motivators is the phrase, “You’ve always got more!” I was completely empty. I was irritated, unstable, at war with myself mentally and physically. And I just wanted to quit and go to sleep.

As it turns out, a break was exactly what I needed. But I came back filled with dread. Coach has been pushing us- it’s race season, and what if I couldn’t do it? I hadn’t paddled in a week and a half, what if I’d missed too much?

I shouldn’t have worried. I made it. It was great. The sun was shining, the boat was swift, I felt good. I hope I can “push through the wall”, stay in the happy harmonious zone for the rest of the summer and finish the season on a high note.