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A shout out to my sister who has grown to be one of the few people I can talk to about almost anything and feel like I've been understood. -Sam


Both Sides: part 2

I don't know how to start this post. I don't know how to write the introduction. So I am just going to write it. ~ It is so important to me that we remember that we are all human, that we all have our struggles, that we really should be helping each other get to... Continue Reading →

Both Sides: part 1

I know from experience, it is not something that you get to understand or worry about, until you have to, until you are catapulted into a brand new way of thinking, a new system, a new circle. When those things we take for granted are no longer there. Love, support, advice, your health, your confidence,... Continue Reading →


Almost, as in not quite. That's about the gist of it... Anyways! It's almost Friday, and I am stoked, for the following reasons: I had a decent sleep I had peanut butter for breakfast I studied smart I connected with friends I finished a midterm I ate some pudding I laughed I ate a meat... Continue Reading →

On my mind:

Freedom, warmth, smiles and simple pleasures. Canine brows and loving eyes, tapping toes and well written lines. Wind and rain and roaring bus tires. Radios, dark nights- safe under the covers. I've got this. Contentment.

Crest and Valley:

This is one of those "I just have to write it" posts- with a paddling theme.  And a throwback to the dog days of summer, when this was originally written. I think it gives a good snapshot of one of those worry yourself sick/I'm  so done with all of this crap, kind of moments, that we... Continue Reading →

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