Drinking and Driving

I don’t drink alcoholic beverages, and I don’t drive a vehicle.

It’s not that I can’t, or won’t, or have some absolute moral principle to uphold or a reputation to protect. I just choose not to. It doesn’t interest me, it is not important to me at this time. And neither is a requirement for the continuation of life on this planet, so why worry about hitting these social milestones of adulthood right NOW?

I am happy drinking non-alcoholic beverages and taking transit.

Asking someone why they do, or don’t drink or drive is like asking a person why they did or didn’t go skydiving or become a banker. Everyone has their own interests and motives. Everything has it’s benefits and rewards as well as risks.

Neither the drinking of alcoholic beverages nor driving a vehicle is required for the continuation of life on this planet. And the same goes for banking and skydiving.

And that is that.


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