Less is More + School is Fun!

Written summer 2014:

A note between friends: rather than writing it all twice, this is the latest look inside my crazy head šŸ™‚


I just want to relax!!! (Friend for tea, yoga, book/movie, sleep in… you know?).

There’s been a lot happening lately, and I’ve been putting a lot of effort and time into making it work (mostly for other people) and I just need some time to myself/to do what I want to do.

Looking forward to school starting, for something fun and consistent and goal oriented where I can do it by myself, without relying on/having to work with/plan around other people. Don’t know if any of that makes sense?

Just to say again that a lot has been happening, and it’s been mostly good. But I am looking forward to doing less and having more me time šŸ™‚

Before the summer ends I need at least one more day to myself, and it would be great to find something FUN to do with a friend/family member (on my schedule, my turf). Because I’ve been doing a lot of adjusting to other people’s schedules and traveling all over the place, and I’m just plain BEAT.

Sorry if my brain is on repeat.