Letter K, Number 9: part 3

An Introduction to the World of Dog Training:

Here’s how I see it… Enjoy! 🙂

Career path:

It is not straight forward. Do your research. Get hands on experience and learn the science. You will have to get creative, get involved and be open to new opportunities. Preparing for a career in the dog training world is not like preparing for a career in medicine or accounting or the trades. There are few standardized, professional programs available.

Training standards, method and application: 

The dog training industry is largely unregulated. Anyone can call themselves a dog trainer,  there are many different methods and many different applications of those methods, used to modify a dog’s behaviour.

Professional education:

There are a few professional organizations: the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the Karen Pryor Academy, the Association for Professional Dog Trainers, and the Canadian Association for Professional Pet Dog Trainers.

These organizations are committed to the ongoing development and education of professional dog trainers, advancement of dog welfare and training practices, and public education initiatives.

My definition of a professional in the field of dog training is as follows:

One who is committed to using current science and effective reward-based, humane methods to make learning safe and fun for everyone. The dog, handler and trainer must all work together to create a lasting partnership.

It takes more than a few weeks or months, or even years to become a professional in this field. Do your research.


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