Sunshiny Day(s)

I’m sitting here at 8:30am on a Sunday- not too impressed with the time. Anyways, my laptop is on my lap. I’ve eaten a banana and had 2 glasses of water (working on a third).

Really, that’s all I’ve been able to manage. I’ve never been so busy or so tired- this summer has been extreme; only bested perhaps by the one I had back in 2010, but that’s another story.

My fingers are the only part of me that don’t hurt right now, I’ve got another long day planned, and I really wanted to get this post posted. So writing it now seemed like a good idea.


Last weekend I was on the Coast for a few days. Here are the good bits, (it’s important to remember those you know!).

Deep Cove Catch 22
Deep Cove Catch 22

I got up ridiculously early to pack, and get ready for dragon boat practice. Practice was great 🙂 I felt more than a little icky after, but had to jump from one boat onto another (there was a bus in between) and take the ferry to Gibsons.


I arrived at the terminal more than an hour early and had an enjoyable 40 minutes to myself in the waiting room before anyone else showed up. I had a sandwich, listened to my ipod and worked on this blog.

Sami's sandwich :)
Sami’s sandwich 🙂

“Excuse me. Is this the waiting room for Nanaimo?”

“Mmmm, nope. I’m going to Langdale. I would try the other one off the walkway.

“How do you know which is the right one?”

“Usually they tell you which line to follow when you get your ticket.”

“OH! He said follow the red line. And I followed the blue one. Thanks!”

waiting room B
Waiting Room B

The ferry crossing was uneventful. I caught the bus from Langdale and arrived (finally!) at my destination.

The shower was heaven. I had a nap (also heaven) and woke up to the phone ringing. It was Rube: “Hey Sam, want sushi for dinner?”

What kind of question is that?! Sushi was AMAZING.

Back to the couch, with popcorn to watch Episode 2 of the new TV series adapted from Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander book series (I love the books- and the show is fantastic).

That was Day One.

Day Two I spent dog training and the evening hanging with Mr. T -it made me so happy to see him happy, healthy and well cared for. We watched House and I had a piece of chocolate and some left over kettle corn.

Twinkie- or Mr.T for short :)
Twinkie- or Mr.T for short 🙂

Day Three I got my SideStix tuned up! It was wonderful to feel the difference a few minor adjustments can make, and to just relax and trust the process and the people doing the work.

It was a good weekend. I got lots done and had a fun time. And now you’ve come (finally!) to the end of this post 🙂

Until next time,



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