A Higher Standard: part 2

1. Education: Like I said earlier, learn all you can. Learn to learn. Learn to digest information and form your own opinions while respecting yourself and others. Think critically, using the information and resources available to you.

2. Listen: Take time. Pay attention.

3. Context: Put it in CONTEXT!!!

I put a lot of effort into being well-rounded and approachable. Keeping the above 3 actions in mind helps me do this.

And when I make the effort, and see others toss one, two or all three of the above out the window, it is quite disheartening.

For example, when I send an email (drafted, revised and proofed) and get a half a response back, a response that makes no sense, because the sender didn’t read my original message all the way through, wasn’t able to digest the information, put it in context, or take the time to formulate an appropriate reply.

Some people don’t know any better, some just don’t care. But I do. And others should. Communication and the sharing of information is essential, it is important. So stop slamming doors and throwing things out the window!


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