Take a Chill Pill! part 3

Coast Time!

I’m so proud to be Canadian, so lucky to live in BC!

I spent the weekend on the Coast. I needed to.

Life on the Coast is so different than life in the city.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. I’ve been crazy for a few weeks. And I needed to chill. I couldn’t do it on my own, I couldn’t do it in the city. I was too wound up.

So off I went back to my hometown. Back to a community of 5000, give or take a few. With only the occasional stop light, farm fresh local eggs across the street and residents who honk to say hello (instead of “Get out of the way, asshole!”).

In the city , there is less friendly chatter and more frenetic energy- you are always in a hurry. The noise is constant and the air stale. People head to the malls for entertainment, finding the best bargins, buying the latest gadgets and gear.

Everything is slower here. The air is fresh. People smile. And everywhere people are walking, biking, kayaking, swimming- outside enjoying life. You might hear the ferry traffic, but more often it’s the wind in the trees, the bird calls, the bees in the garden or your neighbour shouting “Hey, how’s it going?”


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