Take a Chill Pill! part 2

Sometimes I just need to write what is on my mind.

The point is not always to write to or for someone. Not everything needs to be spelled out. Sometimes it just is what it is, it’s for me. And it’s just nice to get it out of my head and onto the page. To give myself the option of sharing something with a wider audience, to put it out there, even if not everyone “gets” it. To be able to have a place for my thoughts and the opportunity to connect with other people and myself.

I hated the novel studies in high school where everyone had to run around and look for all the hidden messages and meanings and ulterior motives of the authors and their works.

It drives me crazy when people come to conclusions about someone else’s life and work and then make a big deal out of it; maybe there is a message, maybe it is the one you found, maybe it is another one… Just enjoy the story. And If you don’t like where it is going, close the book, stop the movie, go do something else. Not everything is supposed to be analyzed to within an inch of it’s life.

For example: The Chronicles of Narnia, can I not just enjoy the story? Get to know the fauns and centaurs, all of the fantastic creatures and explore the world the author has created without being bombarded by statements like: C.S Lewis was trying to Evangelize readers, Aslan is a Christ figure; it’s really about faith and religion and good and evil, not just a magic wardrobe and 4 siblings who discover a brand new world filled with adventure, ice queens, talking animals and fierce battles.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And many have valid points, the layers and analysis can make it more interesting, lead to a deeper and better understanding of the material. But sometimes it is nice not to have to worry about all of that and just enjoy a good book!!! 🙂 *or movie, song, painting or other work of art.


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