Letter K, Number 9: part 2

The dog training seminar I attended in mid-july (see "Letter K, Number 9: part 1") was about learning to read dog body-language (for film and TV). Body language is a HUGE topic. You have to look at the whole picture, AND at all the smaller components. Very few things stand on their own. We talked about... Continue Reading →


Letter K, Number 9: part 1

I went to a dog training seminar in mid-July. And the events surrounding that particular event gave rise to several of my previous posts, my thoughts on learning, finding what is important, putting things in context, communication... You have to look at the whole picture, AND at all the smaller components. Very few things stand... Continue Reading →

Sunshiny Day(s)

I'm sitting here at 8:30am on a Sunday- not too impressed with the time. Anyways, my laptop is on my lap. I've eaten a banana and had 2 glasses of water (working on a third). Really, that's all I've been able to manage. I've never been so busy or so tired- this summer has been... Continue Reading →

All in the Same Boat #2

My arm is on fire. The sun is scorching. My sleeve is soggy with sea-spray. Everything rubs and the salt crystals cling to my face, lenses, legs. Water sloshes back and forth, advancing and retreating on my toes as the boat surges. Whit, shoo, whit, shoo; blades cut through the ocean at speed and my... Continue Reading →

Getting Stuff Done

It's been go go go all day today (all week, all month!).And I am getting stuff done again today. Which is awesome.Listening to some great tunes right now by Sofia Karlsson - I don't speak Swedish and most of the melodies are new, which is great because I can have quality tunes to listen to and not... Continue Reading →


I'm exhausted.Feeling very mixed up and disconnected lately.I have a plan to get back on track- I just hope it works!Today was a success. I worked hard. Now I get to have a little fun- popcorn, chocolate, muffins, yogurt and a movie. Everything is turned off. And various projects are as close to completion as I... Continue Reading →

A Higher Standard: part 2

1. Education: Like I said earlier, learn all you can. Learn to learn. Learn to digest information and form your own opinions while respecting yourself and others. Think critically, using the information and resources available to you. 2. Listen: Take time. Pay attention. 3. Context: Put it in CONTEXT!!! I put a lot of effort... Continue Reading →

All in the Same Boat #1

Water is an element with so many faces, so many uses; it is indispensable.I love the water. I love being in it, on it, around it. And it makes a great beverage too! :)***Dragon Boating is not for wimps. Paddling is a full body sport, a full body workout requiring you to have not just strong... Continue Reading →

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