Around the World

Now I have not read the book “Around the World in 80 Days”. But this iconic title, (which I do hope to read someday) was the inspiration behind the following content.

Things have been busy, on all fronts.

Here’s the short version: I worked, drank tea, planned, travelled, paddled, laughed with friends and family, ate junk food. All you need to do to complete the picture is insert this one word after each statement: ALOT! 🙂

The last week of June, everything literally came together.

My sister graduated highschool. My brother returned from 3 weeks racing around the European continent. And I had a very intense 80 hour experience where I felt like I was everywhere doing everything at once.

There was work and dogs; pizza, burgers, ice cream, chocolate and popcorn; friends and family; caps, gowns, honors and awards; buses, ferries, planes, trains and automobiles; dragon boats and sunshine. It was fun. It was long. And at the end of it all, man was I tired!

Here’s a final shout out to my awesome siblings, I am so proud of you guys!!!! 😀

And to all my other friends and family, you are amazing.



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