My head hurts. And my heart pounds.

I am focused. But I am frozen. Waiting, suspended, poised on the edge. Everything has slowed down. Everything is fuzzy. And I want more than anything for it to be as quick and clear as a lightning strike.

I am the tree with many branches, supple fibers and strong roots. The wind is blowing, the rain falling and the thunder rolling. I reach out, and up, and wait for the lightning to strike. For the electric connection, and the flames to catch.

There is so much I want to do, and know and share. I have a vision, and I know the potential. I know that it is possible.

Collaboration is required. So is organization.
Action, decisive and effective, needs to be taken.

And when progress is sluggish and objectives are vague, I struggle.

My head hurts. And my heart pounds.


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