Brilliance (part 1)

The latest and greatest.

Well, as you may have gathered, I have lately had more than my fair share of weird and wacky encounters with various individuals and situations.

So, here’s some wonderful to balance it out.

I love that moment when things just click, when you can say something like, “Oh. My. God!”, “I found it!”, “It works!”, or “Now I get it!”  and are overcome with a feeling of incredible happiness and satisfaction.

I have two wonderful new friends: Tessa and her service dog Kenna; they make a great team! To say we can relate well to one another might be an understatement!

It is just so amazing to find someone who possesses a level of passion, drive and knowledge similar to my own. Someone who doesn’t mind talking dogs for hours, or spending the day at the barn, going adventuring or sharing the occasional  sushi dish and strawberry milkshake 🙂

Tessa, thank you for sharing, and for sharing Kenna 🙂 And Kenna, thank you for sharing your love and enthusiasm while I search for my own “dog dog” 😀

This post is for you two!

Thanks guys!


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