Feeling drained.

Right now I would love a hug. Some open, honest and regular communication. Some fun that is cheap, easy and spontaneous. A cuddle with my dog. Some awesome food, a comfy couch, a great movie and a decent sleep.

Like Goldilocks, I have been hopping back and forth from too much, to too little – there have been those “just right” moments, I’m not going to lie- and they have been fabulous. But finding a few more of them would not be a bad thing.

Nobody is perfect, and I get that. But life can’t be a Do It By Yourself project all of the time either. It’s time to come together.

Respect yourself, respect others. Work together, learn, grow, share. Make things better.

Let’s just say I have not been so excited to have all of tomorrow off in quite a while.

Here’s to recovery day!



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