Brilliance (part 1)

The latest and greatest. Well, as you may have gathered, I have lately had more than my fair share of weird and wacky encounters with various individuals and situations. So, here's some wonderful to balance it out. I love that moment when things just click, when you can say something like, "Oh. My. God!", "I found... Continue Reading →



Feeling drained. Right now I would love a hug. Some open, honest and regular communication. Some fun that is cheap, easy and spontaneous. A cuddle with my dog. Some awesome food, a comfy couch, a great movie and a decent sleep. Like Goldilocks, I have been hopping back and forth from too much, to too little -... Continue Reading →


"I've found the one!" - Just kidding! 😀 To be engaged in your environment is a powerful feeling. To feel you are a part of something, to be included and supported and empowered. That is my definition anyways. I recently spent 2 days in a thoroughly engaging environment- and now I'm going to tell you... Continue Reading →

Trim the fat

Is it worth it? Use your head, but trust your instincts. Don't worry, be happy. Time to focus on the good stuff and sort my true priorities.  

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