The Originals: Part 2

There are original frameworks, and there are original masterpieces built using these frameworks. On some things, a consensus has been reached on what the frameworks and masterpieces should be. But after that, everything is open to interpretation and evolution.

The laws of physics and mathmatics; languages, stories, music and recipes; qualifications for doctors, carpenters and other professionals. All of these have a basic structure, set of requirements or common characteristics. A foundation on which to build and expand.

I am a fan of the work of JRR Tolkein. I love the Lord of the Rings books; I also love the movies. The books and movies are not the same. They are different art forms, created by different people, in different time periods, for different purposes. They are not the same. And I’m ok with that!

Yes, bits from the books may be missing (whatever happened to Tom Bombadil, Mr. Jackson?) and some additions may have been made. But recognition was given, similarities were noted, and a new story created for a new audience. It’s all about perspective. And here, I choose to look at the good side. The adaptation is just that, an adaptation! And a good story!


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