Chicken Camp: Part 5

Everything happens for a reason. Every action takes effort. And every action has a consequence.

We all need to respect and realize this.

Dog trainers (the good ones) take this understanding, breaking each piece into it’s core components and build everything slowly up again into something new and beautiful. And it is not easy.

It takes patience, preparation, problem solving ability, knowledge and skill with equipment, dogs and their people. We must work to create an environment where information can be effectively communicated from teacher to student and student to teacher.

The roles can change. The species may be different, culture, history, age and ability may vary. But we need to find a way to get our message across. Learning should be enjoyable for everyone.

The message should be clear and it should be consistent. Recognize that learning and growth are constants, whether the knowledge precipitates a positive or negative outcome. Understand where you are coming from, and where you are going. Set yourself up for success and reward desired behaviours.