Chicken Camp: Part 3

Welcome back 🙂

Wondering what all of this chicken camp nonsense is about?

Here’s the connection: Chicken Camp is the brain child of Terry Ryan and Ingrid Shallenberger, both animal trainers and instructors had spent several years looking for suitable training models to use for teaching their human students about the foundations of animal training, learning and behavior.

Chickens turned out to be the perfect models. For more information on why dog trainers should train chickens and Chicken Camps by Terry Ryan click here!

One of the reasons why the chickens were picked to sub in for canines was because of the fact that comparatively little was known or written about them.

Ever read a book on how to train a chicken? Not likely!

This allowed Terry to introduce trainers and chickens to one another and offer them the opportunity to practice basic skills and behaviours without having to work to overcome any pre-existing assumptions, training methods or set behaviour patterns that might have hindered a team’s progress had the chicken instead been a dog.

Chickens provided their trainers with a way forward. An opportunity to become more skilled, and better educated.