Chicken Camp: Part 1

There are so many thoughts running around my head right now – I’m in the midst of a stampede.

It’s cliché, but true so I’ll say it “Life is beautiful.”

Someone recognized the truth and/or power of a phrase, word or statement of opinion, decided to share their wisdom and found that others agreed- and that is how the original became a cliché!

There is truth in everything, beauty in everything. The trouble is that there are an infinite number of situations and scenarios occurring in the world around us. And an infinite number of ways to understand, interpret and view those occurrences.

Things get lost, tossed, and torn in this turbulence. They can also be unearthed, revitalized and realized. It is fascinating, really.

Infuriating, invigorating and ultimately, fascinating!

How do you decide what path to take? Critical thinking and experience will only take you so far. Sometimes, you just have to take crazy and run with it!

Give it your best shot! Find what works, what resonates with you.

Live life. Experience it.