There and back again…

A hobbit's tale 🙂 Such a great story! I could be a hobbit. I am short. I have brown curly hair. And I love food 🙂 Today has been a loooong, but reasonably productive day. A more truthful post title would have been "Comfy to Crazy and Back Again" (x2) LOL. Looking forward to a... Continue Reading →


Flick the switch

Arrgghh! Ok. I am a good person. An intelligent person, with patience and a good ear. But sometimes I wish I could throw it all out the window and do whatever I want, without a conscience; without worrying about other people or their perceptions, or how much is in the bank, or how long it... Continue Reading →

It’s Me- Again!

The past few days I have apparently been in a thoughtful and writerly mood 🙂 And so it continues! Eventually I have to stop and go make dinner. But I've still time! Sam

The Originals: Part 3

Abstract again 🙂 Wrapping up my thoughts from the last few posts on simulations and their effectiveness, and culture and identity. Here's  what comes to mind when I consider how the story of my life has been shaped so far (in no particular order)... Music: My library is full of eclectic collections of good tunes and engaging... Continue Reading →

The Originals: Part 2

There are original frameworks, and there are original masterpieces built using these frameworks. On some things, a consensus has been reached on what the frameworks and masterpieces should be. But after that, everything is open to interpretation and evolution. The laws of physics and mathmatics; languages, stories, music and recipes; qualifications for doctors, carpenters and... Continue Reading →

The Originals: Part 1

I recently read an article written by Emily Ladau on the Mobility Resource blog, about disability simulations- I highly recommend everyone take a moment to read the original here.* The author was of the opinion that walking was not an experience that could be recreated, shared or simulated in a way that would ever be fully... Continue Reading →

Thank you

Thank you to the people who "get" me. At times I wonder if any of you are real- but fortunately you are. You appear right when I need you most. The times when I can't think straight, when my head is not in the game. When uncertainty, confusion and fear take hold, making continuing a struggle.... Continue Reading →

Chicken Camp: Part 5

Everything happens for a reason. Every action takes effort. And every action has a consequence. We all need to respect and realize this. Dog trainers (the good ones) take this understanding, breaking each piece into it's core components and build everything slowly up again into something new and beautiful. And it is not easy. It takes patience, preparation,... Continue Reading →

Chicken Camp: Part 4

Yes. This series is continuing! No. This post is not so much about chickens. But it still connects to the central idea in my head, and Terry Ryan's quote. The past helps shape the present. And the present helps shapes the future. We know this. Past, present, future. It is all important. It helps shape us, our world,... Continue Reading →

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