I’ve got to be honest here.

This is the best representation of my reality at the moment.

A record of my thought process. Make of it what you will. It is what it is.

Why post it? Why not?


There is an elephant sitting on my chest. Really.

Anticipation as things build slowly towards their outcomes.

There is someone behind me. Lurking in the shadows, a skin changer.

We watch each other.

Linkages formed, fine threads move out in all directions. Trust is absent.

Hunger strikes. The  heart. The mind. The soul. The self.

And of course, the stomach.

Observations and calculations. Validation, judgement and action. These are Constants.

Conviction. Power. Art. Words. Pictures. Film. Melodies. Speech.  World Changing!

Moving Forward.




Paddlers are you ready…?

Dragon boating has started!

I am so stoked to start my second season with the wonderful group of ladies from Deep Cove Catch 22! And I have to say that I really like the direction we’re headed: great coach, great group, great weather. It’s win win win.

I like the clarity that the training routine brings, the structure, and commitment needed from the team as a whole to get the boat cutting through the water. Feeling the power, grace and rhythm within the boat, within my body, within the group.

It gives me immense satisfaction and happiness to know that physically, mentally I am working, hard. To know that my efforts are needed to move the boat. And to know that it is working, that the boat is moving, that the team is pulling together to reach a common goal.

To know that I am fit and strong and able to keep pace despite the physical demands, relentless drilling and challenging conditions.

To know that our team is diverse. Filled with great people and knowledge.

To know that everyone is so approachable, so supportive of one another.

We are dedicated, we are strong. And we can paddle and have fun all at the same time!

Get ready for a great 2014 😀




I am torn between punching the air in celebration and punching the wall in frustration.

And I’ll just leave it at that.

Sunday morning breakfast should help settle things down.