Watch the Wheels Turn

Sami Central Highlights:

Here’s the latest… On the eve of St. Patty’s, I literally spent hours just fiddling around. What an absorbing and fascinating time! I cranked the pegs, turned up the volume and had a great time with my instrument.

My usual Tuesday yoga practice (awesome) was followed by a spontaneous, and delicious pizza party with a friend. Wednesday I spent with my sister shopping, walking, talking and eating. I powered through my web workload for On Q- everyone was pleased with the results- on Thursday :D.

For some R&R, I read “The Hobbit”, “Vet in a Spin” and “I am Malala”. I also watched (with popcorn) some of my favorite movies and tv episodes, old and new. On top of it all, I listened to some great tunes, tried a delicious new recipe- it’s so healthy it will make you sick!- and got caught up on some sleep.

In summary, I was able to connect with some wonderful people and have some very productive “me time”. And the wheels are still turning! This week has been more of the same and I am absolutely thrilled! Let the good times roll!