Keep It Simple Stupid!

Yep. So like the title implies, I am trying to keep it simple- and feeling stupid 😀

I still haven’t found my worldly rhythm.

I am self-sufficient. I have all of my essentials. I’ve got ME all figured out. But start pushing the envelope, asking for more, reaching out to and including others and things can get complicated. My last post is a good reflection of the impact of those envelope-pushing complications.

And I seriously wonder, “Is it me? Am I crazy? Or is it everyone else?”

How do you tell? What is the best step to take moving forward?

Still, I cannot stop believing in the goodness of people, wanting whole-heartedly to give them the benefit of the doubt and see positive action taking place. Trying to understand why we do what we do, embrace the good and challenge the bad. To make change for the better.

This is what goes on in my head. All the time.

I love the simplicity. Being self-sufficient. Singing or reading aloud to myself -immersing myself in art, in the moment, in happiness. Strolling the streets, receiving that rare smile of hello or thanks from a passerby. Riding the bus. Eating.

I love the complexity. Hearing others’ opinions and ideas. Navigating awkward conversations. Teamwork and collaboration working to solve a problem with no easy answer- or several possible ones.

And all of this in one head can lead to… INFORMATION OVERLOAD 🙂 Which is what I am currently experiencing.

So, now I am back at the beginning. Trying to keep it simple, and feeling stupid 😀

Operation Isolation. I have only the essentials today. It is all about me. I want to play some fiddle, listen to some tunes and do some yoga. I have to do dinner and dishes. Simple, fun and relaxing.

Today is Sami’s “So Simple, it’s Stupid” Saturday.

Time to unwind and unload.

Until next time…



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