Busy Bee

Ok. This post didn't turn out as I'd hoped. Technical difficulties. And I am brain dead. Not a good combination. More later, I promise. Sam  


Watch the Wheels Turn

Sami Central Highlights: Here's the latest... On the eve of St. Patty's, I literally spent hours just fiddling around. What an absorbing and fascinating time! I cranked the pegs, turned up the volume and had a great time with my instrument. My usual Tuesday yoga practice (awesome) was followed by a spontaneous, and delicious pizza party with... Continue Reading →


I am on a roll! 😀 This week so far has been a whirlwind. And today was great- and it's not over yet! I worked hard today and it paid off. I had a delicious dinner. A great chat with friends. Now I'm looking forward to some (well deserved) R&R. Look for an update on... Continue Reading →

Keep It Simple Stupid!

Yep. So like the title implies, I am trying to keep it simple- and feeling stupid 😀 I still haven't found my worldly rhythm. I am self-sufficient. I have all of my essentials. I've got ME all figured out. But start pushing the envelope, asking for more, reaching out to and including others and things can... Continue Reading →

Out on a Limb

Well it has been a long day! And now it is time for dinner. I have added a bunch of new content to this site as a whole- not just the blog, and would be interested to hear what you, the reader thought of all of it. So please explore and let me know! :)... Continue Reading →

Running on Empty

Hey there! Well to be honest, I am quite stressed- though not sure what about... I am sure it will all come out onto the page though! Sorry! Running on empty today. Feeling like I'm in a void. No idea what's for dinner. But the site has some new content, and I hope to be... Continue Reading →

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