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Busy Bee

Ok. This post didn’t turn out as I’d hoped.

Technical difficulties. And I am brain dead.

Not a good combination.

More later, I promise.




Watch the Wheels Turn

Sami Central Highlights:

Here’s the latest… On the eve of St. Patty’s, I literally spent hours just fiddling around. What an absorbing and fascinating time! I cranked the pegs, turned up the volume and had a great time with my instrument.

My usual Tuesday yoga practice (awesome) was followed by a spontaneous, and delicious pizza party with a friend. Wednesday I spent with my sister shopping, walking, talking and eating. I powered through my web workload for On Q- everyone was pleased with the results- on Thursday :D.

For some R&R, I read “The Hobbit”, “Vet in a Spin” and “I am Malala”. I also watched (with popcorn) some of my favorite movies and tv episodes, old and new. On top of it all, I listened to some great tunes, tried a delicious new recipe- it’s so healthy it will make you sick!- and got caught up on some sleep.

In summary, I was able to connect with some wonderful people and have some very productive “me time”. And the wheels are still turning! This week has been more of the same and I am absolutely thrilled! Let the good times roll!



I am on a roll! 😀

This week so far has been a whirlwind.

And today was great- and it’s not over yet!

I worked hard today and it paid off. I had a delicious dinner. A great chat with friends. Now I’m looking forward to some (well deserved) R&R.

Look for an update on all the latest- LATER.


Keep It Simple Stupid!

Yep. So like the title implies, I am trying to keep it simple- and feeling stupid 😀

I still haven’t found my worldly rhythm.

I am self-sufficient. I have all of my essentials. I’ve got ME all figured out. But start pushing the envelope, asking for more, reaching out to and including others and things can get complicated. My last post is a good reflection of the impact of those envelope-pushing complications.

And I seriously wonder, “Is it me? Am I crazy? Or is it everyone else?”

How do you tell? What is the best step to take moving forward?

Still, I cannot stop believing in the goodness of people, wanting whole-heartedly to give them the benefit of the doubt and see positive action taking place. Trying to understand why we do what we do, embrace the good and challenge the bad. To make change for the better.

This is what goes on in my head. All the time.

I love the simplicity. Being self-sufficient. Singing or reading aloud to myself -immersing myself in art, in the moment, in happiness. Strolling the streets, receiving that rare smile of hello or thanks from a passerby. Riding the bus. Eating.

I love the complexity. Hearing others’ opinions and ideas. Navigating awkward conversations. Teamwork and collaboration working to solve a problem with no easy answer- or several possible ones.

And all of this in one head can lead to… INFORMATION OVERLOAD 🙂 Which is what I am currently experiencing.

So, now I am back at the beginning. Trying to keep it simple, and feeling stupid 😀

Operation Isolation. I have only the essentials today. It is all about me. I want to play some fiddle, listen to some tunes and do some yoga. I have to do dinner and dishes. Simple, fun and relaxing.

Today is Sami’s “So Simple, it’s Stupid” Saturday.

Time to unwind and unload.

Until next time…


Out on a Limb

Well it has been a long day!

And now it is time for dinner.

I have added a bunch of new content to this site as a whole- not just the blog, and would be interested to hear what you, the reader thought of all of it.

So please explore and let me know! 🙂

I would be happy to respond to any of your questions/comments.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Running on Empty

Hey there!

Well to be honest, I am quite stressed- though not sure what about… I am sure it will all come out onto the page though! Sorry!

Running on empty today. Feeling like I’m in a void. No idea what’s for dinner. But the site has some new content, and I hope to be able to officially “go live” soon!

I have been trying to establish new connections and maintain the existing ones, but the last few days my patience has dwindled… Whatever it is, just give it to me straight already!

Will I call you? Will you call me? When? Is the project a go ahead, or not? What specifically needs doing? Can what needs to be done, be done? How long will it take?

Being stuck in that in between place full of wait and sees, maybes, half hearted attempts and games of cat and mouse is not a fun place to be.

I just want to commit, and have others do the same.

I feel I have tried, done my best. And that in each interaction the person on the other end has not reciprocated, that they are taking advantage of the uncertainty that was initially created, and cemented through their failure to respond definitively to my sincere efforts to engage.

I need to talk, to communicate. And I have voiced my discomfort. And still the answers, the commitment, the reciprocity that I have asked for have failed to become established.

I feel I am on one wave-length and the rest of the world is on another.

I have the tools I need, but not the support, and my confidence has plummeted.

I need a trusted friend to confide in, who knows my story- all of it. And will give it to me straight. But at the moment humans in that category are hidden or unreachable, as is my dog.

So, the page will have to do!

And all I have left to say is… THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY 🙂