Time Out!

Things have been very busy!

I haven’t had much time to write lately.

But I did manage to squeeze in a little R&R in the form of popcorn and a movie, both of which were excellent 😀

The movie title? “About Time”- isn’t that ironic!

Well, the clock’s a ticking, so I’m keeping it short and sweet tonight.

Thanks for visiting.



Over to the Dark Side

Hello again,

Now, I am normally a pretty upbeat sort of person, but occasionally, there are bumps in the road, and recently I hit a very big one.

My goal is to make this blog an accurate, informative and entertaining representation of life here at Sami Central.

So here’s a little dark to balance the light, if that makes any sense.


Can I just say that the past few days have been absolutely brutal!

Here’s the metaphor:

There was a storm. It was very blustery. Power lines fell and cables frayed; so many wires got crossed. A fire starts and a flash flood occurs. The river overflows its banks and escapes to the roadway where I am walking alone.

I am mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally FRIED.

Don’t give up, you are doing great, keep trying, you will succeed. This is what I am told.

But at the moment I really don’t know if I believe what I hear.

You have to pick your battles.

Right now I might be winning those battles, but losing the war. I really don’t know.

What I do know is that I am so tired, I could sleep for a week.

Until next time,


February 1st


I’m finding it hard to believe that it has been just over 1 week since my last blog post.

So much has happened since then. But now I am having a very enjoyable Saturday, listening to some great tunes and giving myself time to think it all over- and hopefully composing some new content for this little web-space of mine.

Writing things down helps me stay sane and organized, and music helps me relax and have fun, so I’d say today I’ve got the winning combination!

A little chocolate cake and a pair of sweatpants never hurt anyone either 😀

Getting the picture?

It’s a Super Sami Saturday!

More later.