Technical Difficulties!

So, I was doing some experimenting with different blog themes…I have no idea how this happened but apparently I can no longer activate the 2013 theme default color scheme! I have tried and tried and asked for assistance through the WordPress forum.

But no luck. The only colours I can get to work 100% are the “featured” colours, not the default setting! And as a result of all this troubleshooting/exploration, I now have several other technical questions. For instance: why did the other themes I “activated” show the menu items twice?!

Those questions (and hopefully, their answers!) are for another day. As is my favorite color scheme, where the navigation bar highlights in brown and the bottom footer section is brown- not blue!

Anyways! The 2013 theme works great for me- aside from the recent mishap. So I am sticking with it. The “featured” blue scheme is better IMO than the”featured” green scheme. Green doesn’t really go with the orange and brown header…

In conclusion, more improvements and content will be coming your way soon! And if you have any technical advice to offer this newbie, I would love to hear from you.




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