Are you sure it’s 8am?

Woke up this morning to my phone ringing- I was having a great sleep…Stumble out of bed… Read a text from my Dad telling me my Mom is headed to the ferry. That’s cool, we had arranged for some mother-daughter time today 🙂

What was not so cool? The time stamp: 8am. Really? My apartment is full of windows, and blinds closed or not, a good amount of light usually gets in. Not today. 8am and it is inky black both inside and out- I would have logically guessed it to be around 3am. SURPRISE!

Now up and semi-alert, the noise comes rushing in: pounding rain, howling wind and the steady “swish, swish” of early morning traffic. The trees are dark and tall, and the glare of the street lamps reflects eerily off of the glistening tarmac…

Sound like the setting for a zombie apocalypse? I sure thought so, minus the traffic of course! And the lack of zombies. But considering that the radiation originating from Japan’s damaged nuclear plant has officially reached the coasts of North America…in addition to all the crazy stuff already happening daily across the world, the potential that our planet has to bring what used to be considered science fiction to life is pretty amazing.

So look out! Be ready! Zombies may be in your future! Or maybe something or someone equally new and terrifying with the power to change the world for the better. I like to think the glass is half-full. Too much of the time the focus is placed on what is going wrong, our tendency to repeat our old mistakes. But just think of all the things we are doing right!

That’s it for my morning ramble- time for breakfast 🙂



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