Did you notice? As of now, brown is back! Thank you to all those who made this change possible 🙂 Sam


Technical Difficulties!

So, I was doing some experimenting with different blog themes...I have no idea how this happened but apparently I can no longer activate the 2013 theme default color scheme! I have tried and tried and asked for assistance through the WordPress forum. But no luck. The only colours I can get to work 100% are... Continue Reading →

A Weird Wednesday

Thinking about the additions I would like to create for this site of mine... And so happy to have all of my grocery shopping done! That's about it. Stay tuned!

Are you sure it’s 8am?

Woke up this morning to my phone ringing- I was having a great sleep...Stumble out of bed... Read a text from my Dad telling me my Mom is headed to the ferry. That's cool, we had arranged for some mother-daughter time today 🙂 What was not so cool? The time stamp: 8am. Really? My apartment... Continue Reading →

Happy 2014!

So what have I been up to lately? Read on dear reader, read on! I was back at The Riesco Residence for the holidays. Christmas, New Years and all those "extra" days, were amazing. I visited with friends and family, gave the dog a makeover, worked a little and had turkey dinner twice! I must apologize to... Continue Reading →

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